About Us

At Interactive Flex, we believe in a more rounded, holistic approach to health and wellness.  Like Aristotle, we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  While pain-free movement is significant in living an active and healthy lifestyle, one must also consider diet, mental mood and exercise as important contributors to overall health and wellness.

Through an open, honest, committed and collaborative therapeutic relationship, we want our clients to feel supported as they journey to complete mind-body awareness.  We are passionate about empowering our clients to strive for excellence and reach their potential through a focused, personal and individualized approach.  We aspire to offer the perfect combination of professional service and personalized care and to treat our clients with the utmost integrity and respect.

At Interactive Flex Health & Wellness, we are:

Inspired – to offer you our enthusiasm and passion for the work we do

Devoted – to expanding our knowledge and offering evidence-based treatment

Committed – to giving you the best of our creativity, innovation and knowledge

Passionate – about healthcare, a balanced life, and the mind/body connection

Dedicated – to providing quality, innovative, and integrated healthcare

Enthusiastic – as we continuously strive for excellence in our work