Pregnancy & Infant Massage


Pregnancy Massage Therapy

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes many changes and for many women, this time is affected by various stresses both physical and emotional.  Massage Therapy is a natural solution for reducing stress and achieving an overall sense of well-being during pregnacy and postpartum.  Additionally, pregnancy massage therapy can help eliminate waste products, alleviate muscle tension, relieve depression or anxiety, help decrease water retention and improve circulation.

Maternity Massage Therapy Table

Interactive Flex has a padded adjustable stomach cradle, so that the pregnant mother can lay comfortably on her stomach at any stage of pregnancy. As well, it allows a mother who has had a c-section or is nursing to lay safely and comfortably on her stomach during the massage.

Infant Massage Therapy

baby massageJust as an adult can benefit from positive touch and massage therapy, so too can infants.  Massage therapy can affect temperament, physiological health (such as reduced colic and fussiness) as well as have a positive impact on pre-term babies.  Pre-term baby massage therapy results in faster weight gain and increased food intake with resultant improvement in gastrointestinal functioning such as decreased gastric retention and abdominal distension.  (Field et al. 1986).  Premature infants who receive massage therapy show greater responsiveness to both tactile and visual stimuli as well as growth improvement.

Baby massage appointments are 30 minutes in length and include a full-body massage focused on teaching the parents how to massage their baby.