Testimonials – Marlies Russell

“Marlies is the best MT I have had in my 20 years experience with many MT’s in Vancouver and Victoria. She not only treats my aching joints and muscles but recommends exercises which continue the healing process, always with a comforting smile.”

Glenn W.

Truly the BEST RMT there is!!!  I cannot think of enough good things to say about Marlies and her treatments.  I have gone to many RMT’s in my life due to ailments and problems I have been dealing with for years now and I can honestly say that not one of them has had near the talent or passion that Marlies has.  She really listens to you and then – with you – comes up with a long term plan consisting of treatment, exercises, and knowledge to help get your body back to where it should be.  On top of all that, when you start seeing improvements, Marlies gets as excited as you do to see those positive results!  I could not recommend someone more highly.  Being a small business owner – I know that passion is a big part of doing your craft well and making a difference in the world and the people you deal with.  Marlies is extremely talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable – that combined with her incredible love and passion for her work in this field has made her in my opinion the best there is.  If you are looking for an excellent RMT your search should stop here.

Andrea Cracknell

I just wanted to thank you so much for the massage today. It amazes me each time that you know exactly what is needed and nail it!  I feel that a huge part of my recovery is down to you …your skills and your personality.

You are awesome!!!

Vicki F

Marlies is very intuitive when dealing with my physical ailments, as well as very capable of relieving my pain.

I highly recommend her services, very professional and always a smile.

Neil B

BEST RMT IN VICTORIA!!! I have had numerous injuries (sports, klutzy, stress) and done the RMT cycle throughout Victoria. Every so often you find a good RMT, so you go back and then after a while they become complacent and the treatment feels more like you’re at a Spa (minus the cucumber eye patches and sparking water).

Absolutely not the case at Interactive Flex. The knowledge, passion and talent Marlies has is incredible. She truly cares about you and your well-being. She takes the time to find out what your issues are, and after the treatment explains what is causing you the pain/discomfort and offers up suggestions on how help yourself get better (through stretching, heat, ice, etc). I don’t know how many times she’s pulled out one of her great human anatomy books to show me the muscles and fascia she’s just been working on and how they move with daily activity and how I can help to make it “normal” again. Truly the best!

Laura S

I highly recommend Marlies as an RMT. Marlies is a great listener and excellent hands on! Marlies has the natural ability to put me at ease during a treatment and encourages me to practice specific exercises, stretches and ergonomic corrections outside of her treatments. The combination is creating positive changes to my health.

Thank you Marlies,

Tracey M