Your Massage Therapy Appointment

The initial appointment with your massage therapist will include a review of your health history, a brief assessment and the formulation of a treatment plan that suits your unique needs or condition.  Your health history form provides key information regarding your current condition and/or symptoms.  You are welcome to print a copy and fill it out prior to your first visit, or we will provide forms at the clinic for you upon arrival – this takes about 10 minutes, so please arrive a little early for your first appointment. We recommend a minimum of one hour for your initial appointment.

Treatment times range from 30 minutes, (typically used as a maintenance appointment), to 75 minutes.  Longer appointments are helpful when there is more than one area or condition that needs to be addressed.  Whether you are seeking a relaxation massage or a therapeutic treatment, feedback to your massage therapist about depth of pressure and pain referrals is always important.  Remember, communication with your massage therapist is key but ultimately, YOU are in charge of your appointment.

Massage Therapy can help with many common conditions.

These are just a few:

Arthritis Whiplash Migraines Nerve Compression
Bursitis Tendonitis Fibromyalgia Postural Dysfunction
Pregnancy Sprains SI joint Dysfunction Insomnia
Headaches Strains Sciatica Carpal Tunnel